Q1. I volunteer for a care organisation. Can I access the Training offered through the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre.

Answer. Anyone who works for a health or care organisation including volunteers and carers can access the training provision. If you are volunteering in an organisation that provides services in the West Yorkshire and Harrogate area you will be able to access the training free of charge providing the organisation is an Excellence Centre member

Q2. Where can I find out what courses are offered by the Excellence Centre

Answer: All of the courses available through the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre are listed on the West Yorkshire and Harrogate pages of the Skills Platform (https://www.skillsplatform.org/organisation/west-yorkshire-excellence-centre) where you can search by course title or subject

Alternatively download our 2018/19 Course Prospectus here

Download our recent list of training for 2019 here

Download the 2018/19 Apprenticeship Brochure here

Q3. If I have a group of staff who would benefit from a particular training course would the Excellence Centre be able to offer this on our premises?

Answer: A key principle of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre is that any training that is part of our funded “offer” should be able to be accessed by more than one organisation. This helps to promote the benefits of shared learning.
We have been able to provide training on-site or in particular localities at request. Where this has been done we have offered an agreed number of “reserved” places for the hosting organisation and opened up & advertised a small number to outside organisations. We are more than willing to consider any requests please contact the team to discuss by emailing via email: leedsth-tr.wyhexcellencecentre@nhs.net or telephone: 07887454591